About Us

We are an innovation and technology company in the field of hydrometallurgy, focused on leaching of a copper ore hydrometallurgical process from sulfide species and copper products like copper concentrates with or without arsenic, copper tailings, smelting dust and smelting slag.

Lixivia SpA is the realization of a technological development dreamed up by its founding partners:

  • Ernesto BeasDirector: Metallurgical Engineer /MBA
  • Alejandro CartagenaManaging Director: Metallurgical Engineer /MBA
  • Manuel CartagenaDirector: Metallurgical Engineer /MBA


We offer a unique service for leaching of copper ore hydrometallurgical process based on the development of our patented technology. By using a catalytic process, it allows the in situ manufacturing and dosage for a reagent with high oxidation capacity and redox potential.

Lixivia’s technology may be implemented in Green or Brown field projects, and it reports important economic benefits through an increased copper extraction, reduced OPEX and CAPEX.


Leaching Process

For a long time, the leaching process using sulphuric acid (H2SO4) for obtaining high purity copper cathodes was focused on treating of copper oxide ore through heap leaching process and the subsequent solvent extraction (SX) and Electrowinning (EW) plants.

However, by reducing the oxide copper ore resources and their ore grade, and because of the sulfuric acid production deficit which currently prevents further tons of copper annually processing, it becomes difficult to maintain the forecasted production levels.

As a way to reduce this deficit and maintain the expected production levels of cathode copper, Lixivia SpA offers a technology that enables

leaching mixed ores and/or sulfide ores with its alternative technology process, so that our customers may use the treatment capacity installed in their own SX/EW plants through leaching of copper sulfide ores unaffected by an increased H2SO4 requirement.

With regard to investment (CAPEX), processing copper sulfide ores through hydrometallurgical process reaches values that are 2-3 times lower compared to the processes via concentration (excluding capital investment in smelting and refining), demands less energy and water usage and also responds better to the current environmental standards, which include the approval of authorities and the surrounding communities.



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Contact us and learn more about our innovative technology & services and the benefits it could bring to your productivity:

  • Phone: (+562) 2 378 7145
  • E-mail: business.contact@lixivia.cl
  • Address: Guardia Vieja Nº255, oficina Nº 411, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.